The Art of Spain - Season 1 Episode 1 : The Moorish South (2008)

The Art of Spain - Season 1 Episode 1 : The Moorish South (2008)

The series starts in the south and explores the history of Moorish Spain. In 711, Spain was invaded by Islamic troops from North Africa and the Middle East. For the next 700 years, most of Spain was ruled by Muslims and the country became a largely Islamic state. Under the Muslims, Spain became the most advanced, wealthy and populous country in Europe. The Muslim contribution to Spanish culture was immense. Philosophy, poetry, science, mathematics, art and architecture all made giant leaps forward. Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the story of Muslim political and cultural power as he travels from Cordoba to Seville and on to Granada. In these cities beautiful palaces, mosques and gardens were built, such as the Great Mosque in Cordoba, the Alcazar in Seville and the Alhambra in Granada.

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